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Single Beds

Bedrooms are always considered a sanctuary and need to be accessorized. Since your bedroom is your personal haven, you need the best de-stressing time here! Thus, the decor style and selection of furniture need to be very delightful for self-satisfaction, right? And to be more particular, a comfortable bed is the only start to a classy bedroom. Moreover, a bed can only add beauty to your room.

Bedsdubai.com have a beautiful attractive selection of bed and bed furnishings to suit any space or interior. Starting from nightstands and bedside tables to bed frames, bed sets, storage and hydraulic beds are available in our store. We provide high-quality products and the beds are crafted in a way that gives you a perfect sleep environment.

Nowadays single beds are growing popular among homemakers due to their functionality and amazing visual appeal. A single bed makes use of a base to make itself fit. The single beds can invariably suit a compact room and may not get stuffed with more things to block walkways. The length of a single bed can accommodate two medium-sized individuals easily and is a perfect fit. Also, single beds are the potential to move fixtures everywhere around. The weight of these single beds will be ostensible in shifting the mattress. The beds are made from different materials with varied looks and styles. They can be made of wood, timber, metals etc. The timber beds are excellent for sturdiness. They supply ample space to the room and are long-lasting. Thus, purchasing a single bed is a perfect choice if you want to save money and space with a single purchase. 

Single beds

 Types of single beds

Single bed with trundle : It stands out from most single bed styles for its functional, spacey design and suitable operability. Thus, it is crucial in a modern home.

Stackable single bed : Just like the trundle bed, stackable single beds are also comprehended for their space-saving layout and ease of use. They can be utilised as a divan or single bed of normal height. Most classic-size single-bed mattresses match easily on the standard stackable single-bed frame.

Single beds

 Benefits of single beds

  • One can customise these single beds according to their choice. They are cheaper beds irrespective of the design and elegance. The cheaper price of these beds does not affect their quality and functionality. 
  • They have a wide range of varieties and designs that ensure the satisfaction of the customers. 
  • The compact beds have inbuilt storages to keep things in place and give a standard organized look.

Why choose swingle beds from bedsdubai.com?

Bedsdubai.com provides you with ideal and excellent products of your choice. They are more focused on their quality and customer satisfaction. We also provide consultants who can take your measurements of the room and guide you with the style and design of the bed that goes best with your room. We are here to fulfill all your demands and provide you with the best product in affordable ranges. Thus, you can go for these single beds without stressing yourselves with design and quality.