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Trundle Beds

A fashionable trundle bed in your bedroom can help you save valuable space. If you don’t want to sleep in a standard bed, a trundle bed with storage will help you save space. Protect your bedding, comforters, pillowcases, and extra bedsheets by storing them safely under your bed. A trundle bed’s sliding mechanism makes it simple to draw out the spare bed with minimal effort. It’s ideal for individuals who frequently host guests at their houses. A trundle bed for kids is also an excellent bed furniture alternative for their bedroom and play space. If two or more children are, a bunk bed with a trundle will provide much-needed sleeping space.

What is a trundle bed? 

A trundle bed is a low, movable bed stowed underneath a twin or single bed and may be rolled out for guests or as an additional bed. When positioned side-by-side, a pop-up trundle bed may be lifted to meet the height of a regular bed, essentially creating a larger sleeping surface.

Different types of trundle beds

Bunk beds with a trundle

can sleep most people, especially if they’re full size. A twin-size top bunk, a full-size bottom bunk, and a twin-size trundle bed. This bed is ideal for your children’s dream sleepover. 

Captain beds make the most of available space by including storage in the headrest in the shape of cabinets or bookshelves. These beds are ideal for studio apartments or rooms with limited space. These beds, like the others, are commonly available in twin, complete, and queen sizes.

Trundle bed, king-size

King-size trundle beds are a beauty for the main bedroom and are ideal for people with late-night visitors. We can credit trundle beds for saving the night by providing a fuss-free bed in seconds and a lot of space for you.

trundle bed

Advantages of trundle bed

suitable for your visitors.

These truckle beds are ideal for people who are paying guests or living in single rooms. A trundle bed can be used as a single bed when you’re alone. When someone comes to visit and stays the night, the extra bed may be brought out to accommodate them comfortably. This is preferable to having extra bedding in your room and forcing visitors to sleep on the floor.

Space Delights

These pull-out trundle beds are a godsend for those who are short on room. People who live in small rooms cannot afford a large bed, such as a king-size or double bed. They are ideal for trundle beds. The second bed, kept underneath the regular bed, may be dragged in and out. As a result, a trundle bed takes up the same room as a single bed yet performs the same purpose as a double bed.

Why choose us?

Beds Dubai is a fantastic alternative to a trundle bed that matches your desired home décor and creates a beautiful, cozy, warm bedroom. We provide a large assortment of trundle beds for your fantasy surroundings. So, what exactly are you waiting for? We can build a beautiful trundle bed for you and your bedroom that matches what you want while staying within your budget. Join forces to update your interior design or add to an existing space.