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 Exploring the Functionality of Panel Headboards in Modern Bedrooms!

Have you ever thought about why headboards  consist of Many people who feel that a headboard is just decorative? On the other hand, a headboard can provide much more than back support and insulation against a cold wall. There are a lot of headboards available on the market. One of them is the panel headboard, which is popular nowadays. Let’s see what precisely a panel headboard is. We all know a plain headboard is a piece of furniture that fits over the head of a bed. The headboard supports your bed and protects your wall from scratches. A panel headboard is almost identical to this but oversized. A panel headboard made of upholstered panels is placed behind your bed to cover the entire area of the wall. According to requirements, this can be rectangular, and the size can be bespoke.

Different Types of Panel Headboards for Your Bedroom

Wall Panels with Strong Gem Tufting

  • Deep Gem Padded Wall Panels are among our more opulent alternatives, with a magnificent headboard piece that typically extends to the left and right of the bed, creating a dramatic and inviting impression. This panel is padded and may be used as a headboard or to add beautiful luxury to any environment.
  • Geometric Wall Panels That Aren’t Predictable.

With sharp lines flowing parallel and perpendicularly, strategically intersecting and terminating at well-thought-out spots, the Random Geometric Wall Panel welcomes a creative flair, creating a thought-provoking conversation piece.

  • A panel headboard in a rectangular shape 

This is another type of panel headboard placed in a rectangular shape. That could be attached to one or two single beds simultaneously. The Panel headboard offers a lot of benefits to its users. So move forward with us to see what all the benefits are there.

wall mounted headboard

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The Benefits of Investing in a Panel Headboard

  • A luxurious look in your bedroom: When you buy a panel With a headboard, you get a luxurious look for your home. It is the oversized headboard behind your bed, covering the wall with upholstered fabric or leather, and it looks so classy and adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.
  • Comfortable, cushioned space If we talk about another perk that a panel headboard provides, you will immediately feel that the panel headboard gives a comfortable backrest. You can lean down and enjoy your favorite show, and it eliminates the feeling of the rigid walls and adds coziness and warmth.
  • Sound absorption is yet another significant benefit that panel headboards offer. Some people play loud music in their bedrooms and disturb the person sleeping in the bedroom next to them. A panel headboard can solve this, and the panel headboard has sound absorbing quality.  

So there were the benefits. After that, if you have planned to buy a panel headboard in this short period, you are at the right place. 

Why choose us? 

Bed Dubai has a list of different panel headboards that suit your bedroom. If you are a person with contemporary taste, we have a headboard for you. We have a leather panel headboard that adds sophistication if you love simple, sober things. In short, we have all you need. You can connect with us soon for quality furniture at the most reasonable prices.

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