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Poster Beds

Beds can change the whole ambiance of your room. And therefore a bed can make your home the best place and the worst too, right? Therefore your choice and selection matter. A poster bed is a bed of furniture with four vertical columns, one in each corner, that support a tester, or the upper panel and are basically rectangular. This tester or forum will often have fences to let curtains be tugged around the bed.

There are a number of antique poster beds extant dating to the 16th century and earlier; many of these early beds are highly ornate and are made from oak. The poster beds were developed for several practical reasons. Bedrooms often had drafted and could be cold at night, the curtains could be closed to help keep the occupant of the bed warm. The curtains also enabled to provide solitude for the dozers. Bedsdubai.com provides you with a rare selection of poster beds without compromising the product quality. We have a variety of poster beds which come in different styles and colours.  The post beds can be used to hang curtains as well due to their four long posts. You can drop down curtains whenever you feel the light creeping in and you want some more sleep. 

Benefits of the poster beds?

Some of the benefits of the poster beds are as follows;


A bedroom is meant to be a a private space, but sometimes family members do not think twice before walking in without knocking, it can get uncomfortable for some people. Four poster beds to ensure that your privacy is maintained as the curtains draped around the poles hide you well.

Poster Beds

A natural body warmer:

Instead of using cotton or other light materials like curtains, try to use thick materials like velvet during winters. This will help you to trap your body heat, keeping it warm inside. Nothing can be more comfortable than a warm room on a chilly winter night. Try accomplishing this; it preserves your electricity as well.

Poster Beds

Protector: The four-poster bed protects you not only from nosy family members but also from different insects and the most irritating one, the mosquito. One can set a mosquito neck along the poles to stop mosquitoes from penetrating. This way you will be saved and can enjoy a good sleep without the constant buzzing of mosquitoes around your ears.

Aesthetic: These poster beds are best at setting an aesthetic atmosphere in your room. These Four-poster beds can undoubtedly be a reasonable acquisition. They are strong and durable. One can colour the posts in various hues and make a distinction with the whole room. They are classic, yet truly sturdy and long-lasting beds. Get one for your master bedroom and see for yourself!

Why choose poster beds from bedsdubai.com?

Bedsdubai.com provides poster beds that will not only shower your bedroom with love but will also provide you with comfort and luxury. We provide you with the best ever selection of these beds at affordable prices. So, instead of thinking too much try us!