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Wall-Mounted Headboard

Ordinary bed frames and wall-mounted headboards serve the same purpose of bringing an elegant element and cushioning to the area behind the bed. On the other hand, a wall-mounted headboard allows you to choose the actual dimensions and height you want. You can choose from a variety of material types and colors and select your preferred height and size. This gives you the ability to design a look and feel that is unique to you.

First, we should see precisely what this wall-mounted headboard looks like. Wall-mounted headboards, also known as wall-hung headboards, are headboard-style that are intended to be hung on the wall instead of the back of the bed. This headboard  is secured to the wall with wall-mounted bolts and brackets on the back of the headboard. They differ from floor-standing headboards in that they float off the floor rather than being supported by struts.

Why would you invest in a wall-mounted headboard?

For various reasons, people prefer a wall-mounted headboard to a traditional headboard for multiple reasons.

  • Standard headboards may rock and smash against the wall, but an excellent wall-mounted headboard will not. There will be little movement or noise when climbing in and out of bed.
  • It allows you to express yourself via style and individuality without sacrificing usable space. Floating headboards will add beauty and elegance to any room, regardless of how high your bed is or what size mattress you have.
  • The ability to save space is one of the most accepted reasons for obtaining a floating headboard. Floating headboards save a lot of space in your room because they don’t reach the floor and aren’t attached to a bed frame. If you have a larger room, this may not make a significant difference, but it can be life-changing for people who live in smaller areas. 
  • A high-quality wall-mounted headboard can also be used as a statement piece with the right color and fabric to fit your existing decor. Furthermore, your headboard can now be delivered with wall mounting brackets.
  • Adjustable With a wall-mounted headboard, you may customize the appearance and size of your headboard without being limited by the size or height of your bed frame.
wall mounted headboard

Types of wall-mounted bed headboards? 

  •   Leather headboard
  •   Fabricate headboard
  •     Upholstery headboard
  •   Wooden headboard
  •   Cloth Headboard
  •   Velvet Headboard
  •   Custom Headboard
  •   Wall mounted headboard 
  •   Luxury headboard
  •   Traditional  headboard
  •   Modern headboard
  •     Painted headboard
  •   mirror headboard
  •     Oversized headboard
  •   Headboard with shelves
  •   Headboard storage 
  •     Padded headboard 
  •   Metal headboard

All these headboards are easily accessible, but it is difficult to find a reliable, professional service from where you can buy them and install them in your home. Look further to get an answer to this question.

Why choose us? 

Beds Dubai works best for your requirements. We can assist you with selecting the best headboard to install. Headboards should undoubtedly be considered when you want to create a comfortable nook where you can rest at the end of the day. Aside from being luxurious, a headboard aids in posture correction. We have a wide range of variety to choose from. Our custom design and manufactured products will appeal best to your specifications and pocket.

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